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Academic Programs

The Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs offered at Koç University can be reached via the links of the respective college / graduate school below:


Major, Double Major, Minor and Track Programs

Koç University students can enrich their academic experience by choosing to complete a double major, minor or a track program along with their major program. A list of available major, double major, minor and track programs can be found here

Please click here to access Double Major Statistics.


Core Program Curriculum

The Core Program at Koç University provides common ground for all students by offering a structured exposure to various disciplines and major competencies.




Here you can find the list of academic and administrative committees in Koç University, including the list of members for each committee.

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Faculty Search Committees




Summer Research Program

  • This program is for motivated undergraduates from different universities who want to improve their research skills and plan to attend graduate school. The program offers undergraduates the opportunity to gain research experience that helps them decide if they want to pursue graduate education or professional research career.
  • Program details can be found here.