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Administrative Sciences and Economics
Minor Program International Relations Business Administration Economics
Total # of courses 6 6 6
# of Required Courses 3 3 2
Core Course 1 INTL 101 MKTG 201 ECON 201    
Core Course 2 INTL 203 MFIN 202 ECON 202    
Core Course 3 INTL 204 OPS  
Min. # of Elective courses  3  3  4
Electives Must be INTL 3xx or INTL 4xx At least one elective has to be MGMT 3xx or MGMT 4xx Must be ECON 3xx or ECON 4xx
Notes Student's minor program courses should not be cross-listed with his/her main major and double major courses.
  * Starting Spring 2017, INDR students with a minor in Business Admin. can take INDR 371 and 372 instead of OPSM 301. However, these students should take an additional elective course.
  OPS: OPSM 301, OPSM 302
  In order to satisfy ECON 201 and ECON 202, the pre-requisite courses ECON 101 (or ECON 100) and ECON 102 must be satisfied respectively.