Welcome to the Spring 2022 Course Evaluation Survey Results page.

Courses will be listed with a course code in the following format: AAAA-111-11.

Using the Keyword Search section, you can conduct a search by typing the Course Code or name of the Instructor of the course you are searching for. Also, you can type any part of the course code in the “Keyword Search” section. For example, “ECON” would find all courses related to “Economics” or “ACWR” would find all of the “Academic Writing” courses.

Select criteria in the Filter Tool below to shorten your search. All fields are optional, so you can select the college to narrow the list down to the course you search for. To search for a new course, unclick your previous selections and use the filter tool again.

If you have any inquiries on how to use this tool, please contact it@ku.edu.tr.
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