Öğretim Üyeleri İçin Duyuru

Dear Faculty Members,

As per the announcement on September 24 from the Return to Campus Task Force Health Council regarding steps to be followed in case of detection of COVID-19 positive cases in classrooms, I would like to share some additional points about attendance and the mode of instruction for courses in the Fall 2021 semester.

All Courses, except those listed below, are required to be offered face-to-face. ACWR 103 through 107, HIST 300, Sections 11-15 for TURK 100, BLAW 202, ALIS 100 and discussion sessions for all Law courses are to be offered online only. All ELC courses are to be offered both online and face-to-face. Please note that the list of online – only courses is now updated.

Face-to-face courses are also to be offered online synchronously. Lectures are to be recorded based on the protocol determined by IT, for students who cannot participate synchronously and also in order to give access to all lecture recordings to support subsequent review and study by the students.

Taking attendance is now mandatory for all face-to-face courses in order to be able to follow the protocol shared in case of detection and follow-up of COVID-19 positive cases. However, instructors may determine and announce whether or not attendance is taken into account as a graded component for the course. If attendance is taken into account, online and in-class attendance are to be treated equally.


In addition, class participants who are not enrolled in courses are to email the relevant instructor their information. Therefore, reminders to such potential participants should be made while taking attendance.

Please check the information on the attendance tool to be used via Blackboard as well as the respective setup information. In case other attendance methods are used, all relevant information is also expected to be available in the above-listed tool. Students may submit their attendance via Blackboard. Hence, it is recommended that they bring their own electronic devices to face-to-face sessions. You may contact Koç University Educational Technologies to get help by e-mailing elearning@ku.edu.tr.

I sincerely appreciate all your support while we are making improvements and updates to be able to welcome students back to campus after a long absence from face-to-face teaching.

Wishing you all a healthy and productive Fall Semester,


Prof. Dr. Zeynep Gürhan Canlı

Acting President and Vice President for Academic Affairs